New Exhibition from May 1! "Pop Out Again" by Tetsuya Tamanoi


We are very happy to announce the drop of our favorite artist from Japan, Tetsuya Tamanoi's pop and colorful exhibition, "Pop Out Again" from May 1! 

The lockdown in Los Angeles has subsided thanks to the vaccine, so we decided to hold our first exhibition this year!

This year’s exhibition will also showcase the results of the digital transformation of the gallery that we have been working on since last year.


1. Works by Tetsuya Tamanoi, colorful sculptures inspired by Japanese pop culture.
2. Online viewing of a complete 3D reproduction of the gallery is also available
Can’t visit the gallery in Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered! You can enjoy the exhibition from comfort of your home with our online gallery!
We have partnered with V21 Artspace (London), an organization involved in setting up the 3D websites for Hauser & Wirth (London, Hong Kong, New York, etc.) and other world-class museums (Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham Castle, etc.).
↓no apps required! easy view from your browser on your PC or smartphone!
3. Shop from anywhere in the world! e-commerce website (in partnership with Shopify) available!
Our online gallery is linked to our EC site!
Our artworks can be shipped from Los Angeles to anywhere in the world.
We accept credit cards,  and cryptocurrency via PayPal is also available!

◆ About the artist Tetsuya Tamanoi


Tamanoi was born in 1970. After working at an agricultural cooperative, a company selling Buddist accessories, and owning a dance club, he started becoming involved in sculpture, artistic design, and model production in 2000.
He launched his career as a contemporary artist in 2008.

– Solo exhibitions
2009: “A Dreamless Afternoon” (MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO)

2012: “Relics of an Imaginary World, Vol. 1” (MORI YU GALLERY TOKYO)

– Commissioned works
2009: “The Brigade Hermèstsch” (Window display at MAISON HERMÈS, Tokyo)
Courtesy by Hermès