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Serge Sanchez is a Mexican-American self-taught artist born in 1993, who began his practice by spray painting on the streets of Compton, Los Angeles. Through graffiti, he discovered the ephemeral nature of art, where pieces could be destroyed, worked over, or crossed out. Growing up in a place where cultural identities clashed, and experiencing the fragmenting experiences of cultural unrooting and displacement, his works interrogate themes of being, not being, and belonging.

Serge's work is a constant attempt to collect fragments from his diverse spaces, combining artistic disciplines to create a bond between the individual and his surroundings. His works resemble a clash and a melting of worlds and elements, a painful merging of pieces that were perhaps not meant to exist in the same place. The final piece is never final, often containing elements of other works, merged into the new. Through this process, he gives value to things that have been discarded or even considered deceased.

Currently based between LA and Berlin, Serge's works have gained recognition both in the US and internationally. His ability to combine multiple techniques and mediums, from painting to photography and installation, creates unique and complex pieces that challenge the viewer's perception. His art has been featured in various exhibitions and galleries, including solo shows such as Lingered Memories at Last Projects, Los Angeles, 2019; Left Uncertain…, at James Black Gallery, Vancouver, 2018; Yours Truly, at The Ou Gallery, Duncan BC, 2018; To Take Comfort, at the Contemporary Gallery, Los Angeles, 2017.

​Serge has completed artist residencies at Culterim Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2022), SomoS, Berlin, Germany (2021), Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn, NY (2019); James Black, Vancouver, Canada (2018); and at The Ou, Vancouver, Canada (2018). Serum’s works appeared on the cover of LEYA’s album Flood Dream (2020), the cover of the 2018 “Angel Lust” EP by Eartheater and LEYA, and the poster for the 2019 feature film “Girl On The Third Floor” (2019)

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