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Sean Crim, a Los Angeles-based artist, works in painting and light, using ink, flashe, acrylic, and oil paint on canvas alongside neon and LED lights. Conceptualizing emotion through color psychology, neural oscillations, and space perception, he monitors his brain waves with an EEG headset while engaging in reflection to capture emotional states visually. Embracing surrealist automatism, he surrenders conscious control, allowing the unconscious to guide a more gestural process, symbolizing inner states. Through light, he evokes continuous movement, reflecting the flux of emotion and the passage of time. Born in Atlanta in 1992, Sean discovered his passion for art during high school, honing his skills in realism and portraiture. After earning a BS in Finance and a minor in Studio Art from Wake Forest University, he prioritized his artistic calling, dedicating himself to his craft.

Sean moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2017 to truly focus on his art and build his career. He started creating bodies of work that were focused on positive mental health and positive mental reinforcement. The pieces became an expression of his emotions and inner self through memory and personal experiences. In November of 2017, Sean showcased his art in the Malibu Art Walk. Sean honed in on the ongoing theme of self-exploration, positive mental change, and inner strength. He began his series, 'Animals, the Spirit Within', which exemplified similar inner emotions, self-perseverance, and strength through the spirit, emotion, and stance of animals. He finished this series in late fall of 2018 and showcased it at The Regent Cocktail Club in Miami for Art Basel 2018 Miami. Post-show, Sean’s work pushed more into non-objective abstraction as portrayed in his series ‘Into the Light’. The paintings focus on his inner emotions, intuition, personal growth, and the ability to always find the light no matter how dark it becomes. In the fall of 2019, Sean showcased part of this series in a group show titled 'Into the Light', based on his series, at The Whole 9 Gallery in Culver City, California. Sean further pushed the boundaries of light and movement within his series, Beauty in Chaos, through his utilization of neon and acrylic on canvas. He shows his work through group exhibitions at Art Unified on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, California, which he started showing in the fall of 2020. Further, Sean's work was displayed in the group exhibition, Dysmorphia, at Maddox Gallery in July and August of 2021. His work was also shown in Maddox Gallery's fall group exhibition, Autumn Contemporary, and winter exhibition, Out To Lunch, in 2021 in the Los Angeles gallery. Sean’s work was shown with Art Unified at the 2021 Art Market Hamptons, the 2022 LA Art Show, the 2022 Palm Beach Show, and at SCOPE in Miami for the 2022 Art Basel Miami. In 2023, he was shown at the LA Art Show and Hampton's Art Fair with Art Unified. Sean’s work was also shown in Jac Forbes Contemporary group show, Ordinary Objects, in May and June of 2023. Sean’s work was shown with Art Unified at SCOPE in Miami for Art Basel in 2023 as well as the 2024 LA Art Show. Sean’s work is being displayed in private collections across the US in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Washington DC, and Atlanta, as well as Madrid and Puerto Rico.

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