Moeko Maeda

Moeko Maeda

Born in 1983, Hyogo Japan. Currently lives in Los Angeles and works in contemporary art. 

Group exhibitions and performances: 

2018        Tiny Men On Tits and Friends, The Curated Loo, Chimento Contemporary, Los Angeles
2017        METAL, Lava projects, Los Angeles
2016        Where Are You Going (Performance), THREE, Los Angeles
2012        What Are We Connected To?  (Performance), Los Angeles

    What is Your Balance?

    Moeko Maeda


    Inhale / Exhale
    Light / Shadow 

    Our lives are surrounded with opposite forces corresponding with each other. Everyday, every moment, we each balance ourselves inwards and outwards, consciously and unconsciously. In this presentation of works I sat and faced my own light and shadow within. Observing the movement that is continuously shifting, like a tide in the ocean. To stand in balance wherever we find ourselves, moment to moment, each coming of the day. These paintings kindly ask you to be presence with stillness. To perceive the balance within, for the two opposing forces to unite with harmony.

    Salted painting: In Japan, salt is a sacred object. It is used in the rituals for purification of energy, spirit, and space, as well as shielding spaces. Ever since I was a child, salt has played a big role in my life. In the healing of body, purification of the spirit, and cleansing of the surroundings. Naturally salt has united into paintings as a way of painting ritual.

    In the process of making the salted painting, it begins with a single word. At this point of departure I explore the depths of the word. This leads my hands to write words that flow into consciousness. The colors of the chakra follow, sealing the words inside the painting. As the final process of the ritual, cultivation and the crystallization of salt happen on the painting for its own purification and shield.

    These paintings are breathing just as we are.


    Salted Painting

    Matters that require attention

    These paintings are extremely delicate and fragile. Please understand and agree to the notes below, when considering a purchase.

    • Paintings are made in a Humidity 70% location.
    • Please DO NOT store in a high humid location. When the painting is stored in a highly humid location, salt on the painting may absorb moisture in the air and moisture may drip from the painting.
    • Salt is a natural mineral. In time, it may crack and break off from the painting.

    Salted painting is breathing, just like we are. As time passes, if you could enjoy the shift and changes may occur in the painting, we would truly appreciate it.


    “What is Your Balance?” by Moe Maeda

    Opening party: February 22nd (Sat), 2020 5pm to 8pm
    Artist Live Performance: 5:30pm to 6 pm (30min)
    Exhibition: February 22nd-March 31st, 2020
    Location 2146 Sacramento St.
    Los Angeles, CA