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A Gallery in the Palm of Your Hands A Santa Monica-based Gallery that Can be Enjoyed From All Parts of the World. -Speedy Gallery Online Viewing Room

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Speedy Gallery, Inc.(California) is pleased to release the launch of its first digitized exhibition with Online Viewing Room (New York) who has created virtual galleries for some of the top galleries and museums in the world such as Hauser and Wirth. The digitized exhibition is available for viewing from June 19th, 2020. 

Speedy Group (HQ Tokyo Japan), has strategized to advance into more DX (digital transformation), post-coronavirus, by completely reproducing their art gallery in digital form.


All five exhibition rooms (2,400 sq. ft.) in Speedy Gallery, Santa Monica, where stay-at-home measures continue, were all carefully measured and created with the latest computer graphics.


This virtual gallery was made possible by Online Viewing Room (New York) who has created digital exhibitions for some of the world’s top galleries and museums such as Hauser and Wirth and has featured famous artists such as Chinese contemporary artist, Ai Wei Wei.  


By digitizing Speedy Gallery, not only just the people of California, now art lovers from all over the world have the opportunity to discover Japanese contemporary art.


The opening exhibition is by Los Angeles resident and Japanese artist, Moeko Maeda.


Titled “What is your Balance”, these 14 art pieces with the concept of facing oneself and finding balance and harmony are exhibited in these unstable days when common sense is replaced by the “New Normal.”


All artworks are created with a great amount of salt. In Japan, salt is considered sacred and is used for rituals of purification. Please, take a look at these breathtaking “Salt Paintings” created by the very salt that has been a pure, healing power for Moeko Maeda since childhood.


Speedy Gallery first opened in 2018 in Downtown Los Angeles. The new location is located in Bergamot Station (2525 Michigan Ave. B5B, Santa Monica, CA, 90404). The gallery changed locations in March 2020 and preparations are being made for reopening.

Introducing Japan’s top artists to the world, in addition to selling beautiful works of art, the goal of Speedy Gallery is to give back to the Los Angeles community by donating proceeds to institutions working on solving social issues.




When viewing the gallery on Online Viewing Room by smartphone, the “Walter’s Cube” free application is required. Please use the QR codes below to download.






How to Navigate the Digital Gallery

1)Click on Visit Exhibition to enter the gallery. (for smartphones, you must download the free application).

2)Move your mouse over the gallery for a blue arrow to appear. Click on the desired area to move.

3)Move your mouse over the desired artwork and right-click for further detail of the piece.

4)You can move back and forth by scrolling. Enjoy the artworks up close!


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Brianna Willett



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