Collection: 2022/06 The Forests in the Little Box

About the artwork
In 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, I began to paint my own forest on the wall of my old house, remembering the trees I had seen in the past and my imagination, because of the hopelessness caused by the growing fear of the pandemic and the difficulty of going out alone due to my chronic illness, which was progressing rapidly.
At the same time, I started painting my own little imaginary forest on a small wooden box that I could take with me to the hospital so that I could relax in my hospital room. Since then, I have been painting mainly small forests on the surfaces and lids of wooden boxes.
One and only forest of trees that may never exist in this world, yet you might feel familiar, or maybe saw this in your imagination. The box is only the beginning of the story.
I wish for you to be creative with the box, by hanging the painted box, simply use it as a box to keep your treasure, or use it as a photo frame to keep your memory of the story. When you open the lid, inside you will find a small theater, a flower garden, or your own private forest. I hope you will enjoy filling the box with your imagination and embracing the moment.
I hope this box, one of a kind like you, will be with you until your journey ends and return to earth together.
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